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Build the Faith Workshops

Thanks to the remarkable collaboration of parishes, religious education programs, and Catholic Schools,  Build the Faith can now deliver our founder Christina’s message of faith and hope to youth and the Catholic community through Rosary Workshops.



Join us for an uplifting experience at our workshops! Discover Christina’s inspirational faith story and unlock the power of the rosary. Learn how to pray this cherished devotion and deepen your connection with God. As attendees, you’ll have the chance to make your own rosaries and spread our mission to your parish and school communities. Together, let’s make a difference by selling rosaries to raise funds for Build the Faith’s impactful mission. Be part of something greater and join us today!


Upcoming workshops

  • Sacred Hearts Parish, Malden, MA. Oct 19, 2023
  • St Ignatius Church, Chestnut Hill, MA. Dec 3, 2023
  • St Julia Parish. Weston, MA. April 7h, 2024

Completed workshops

  • Good Shepard Parish. Wayland, Ma. March 2023
  • St Ignatius Chuch. Chestnut Hill, MA. February 2023
  • St Mary of the Annunciation Church. Cambridge, MA. February 2023
  • St Mary of The Assumption Parish. Lawrence, MA. Dec 2022
  • St Leonard Parish. Boston, MA. Oct 2022
  • St Bartholomew Parish,  Needham, MA.  Feb 2019, Jan 2020, Oct 2021, Oct 2022
  • Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church. Santa Ana, CA. June 2022
  • St Patrick Parish. Lowell, MA. May 2022
  • St Julia Parish, Weston, MA. Jan 2019, April  2022, March 2023
  • St Patrick Church, Brockton, MA. April 2022
  • Sacred Heart school, Malden, MA. March 2019, Nov 2021
  • St Thomas Aquinas, Jamaica Plain, MA. Dec 2021
  • Saint John School. Wellesley, Ma. Feb 2021
  • Our Lady of Lourdes, Jamaica Plain, MA. March 2020.
  • Blessed Sacrament School. Walpole, MA. Dec 2018, Dec 2019, March 2023
  • Our Lady of Fatima, Sudbury, Ma. November 2019.
  • Sacred Heart Parish, Newton , MA.  Jan 2019.
  • Saint John School. Wellesley, Ma. Feb 2019.
  • Wellesley Girl Scout Troop.  Sunday Sept 2018, Dec 2017.



Join us for an inspiring testimony by our Co-Founder Monica Lacouture, a devout Catholic, and Christina’s mom. She’ll share how Christina’s faith and Build the Faith’s mission has transformed her life, family, and the lives of many in different communities around the world. Through her Catholic Faith, she’ll touch hearts and souls, urging us to come together and make a difference.  You will have the opportunity to make your own rosary or purchase one of our beautiful hand-crafted ones, Together, let’s embrace the power of faith and compassion, one rosary at a time.


Upcoming Talks to the Community

  • St Ignatius Church, Chestnut Hill, MA

Completed Talks to the Community

  • St John Paul II Retreat House, Huimanguillo, Mexico. June 2023
  • Capilla Fraccionamiento Puerta de Hierro Mexico, Puebla. June 2023
  • St Ignatius Church, Chestnut Hill, MA. February 2023
  • St Mary Of The Annunciation Parish. Cambridge, MA. February 2023
  • St Mary of The Assumption, Lawrence, MA. Dec 2022
  • Lyft Ministries, Needham, MA. Nov 2022
  • Emaus Lowell, MA. Oct 2022
  • Nuestra señora de Guadalupe, Guadalajara. Mexico. Oct 2022
  • ST Patrick Chuch, Brockton, MA. May 2022
  • The Immaculate Church, Ashville, N.C. April 2022
  • St Mary of the Angeles, Roxbury, MA. Feb 2022
  • Sacred Heart Church, Malden, MA. May 2021
  • Grupo de oración Maria Rosa Mistica, Colombia. May 2021. Virtual Talk
  • Grupo de oración camino de Maria, Barranquilla, Colombia. Feb 2020.
  • St Augustine Preparatory School, Managua, Nicaragua. Feb 2020.
  • Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, El Doral, Fla. Jan 2020.
  • Lift Ministries, Needham, MA.  March 2019, March 2023
  • Emaus Womens Retreat, Chia, Colombia. April 2019.
  • Emaus Women Retreat, Rome, Italy. April 2019.
  • Emaus Women Retreat, Santiago de Chile, Chile. April 2018.
  • Damascus Women Retreat, Billerica, Ma. June 2016, Sept 2017, Oct 2018, Oct 2019, Oct 2021, Oct 2022, Oct 2023

We will serve as an instrument to bring close to God those who have distanced themselves or are struggling in their path to the catholic faith.