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Kelly Meraw is the Director of Liturgy, Music, and Pastoral Care for St. John - St. Paul Collaborative in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Kelly earned her Master’s Degree from McGill University, where during her undergraduate studies, she was received into the Catholic Church through the RCIA program at St. Patrick’s Basilica in Montreal, Canada. Kelly brings her deep love of scripture, liturgy, music, and devotion to Church teaching and tradition to her ministry.
In her parishes she leads bible studies; organizes faith sharing circles and social justice initiatives; leads communion, wake and committal services; offers adult faith enrichment programming; and shepherds bereavement ministries.
Currently she finds the undeniable movements of the Holy Spirit and great hope in the process of living as a deeply listening Church. After this first session of the Synod on Synodality she will continue to engage in the communal discernment process offering fulsome and inclusive ways to serve the Church’s current Synod.

Claudia and her husband Juan have shared many wonderful years together in Houston. As their four amazing kids are almost all gone to college, the couple is finding joy in spending more time in Claudia's hometown of Valledupar, Colombia, embracing the chance to be closer to their family.

A passionate entrepreneur, Claudia's spirit shines through her flourishing online women's accessories business. Though the past four years have brought with them the challenge of chronic pain, she has persevered, her faith unshaken. Through this journey, her relationship with God has blossomed, and she is filled with gratitude for the blessings in her life.

In the face of adversity, Claudia remains a beacon of hope and acceptance, understanding that His will guides her path. With unwavering optimism, she openly shares her testimony, inspiring others with the knowledge that, through faith and love, things can always get better.

Daniel Dangond was born in Boston, MA and is the brother of our founder, Christina Dangond. He has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Competitive Media Studies from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Daniel is currently a Senior Innovation Engineer at PTC in Boston,MA.


Peter grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts with his two sisters and three brothers. In his free time, He enjoy playing and watching sports. he also enjoys hiking, skiing, and reading. He first heard the call to the priesthood shortly after graduating college and was ordained a Transitional Deacon for the Archdiocese of Boston on June 4th. God willing, He was ordained a priest on May 20th.

Maria Eugenia was born in Caracas, Venezuela, the oldest of four siblings. She lives in Bolton, Massachusetts with Alex, her husband of 22 years, and Rocky, their 2-year old French Bulldog. Alex and Maria Eugenia are parents to twin boys Carlos and Luis, 18, both college freshmen. Maria Eugenia was raised in a Catholic family, though her Catholic faith had not always been present in her life. Maria Eugenia was inspired by Christina’s journey and by the beautiful way in which her parents and close friends choose to maintain her legacy. Christina’s faith has reframed her perspective of life and has given her a newfound source of strength and purpose.

Leiri Bocanegra was born in Villalba, Puerto Rico but now resides in Massachusetts with her Husband and four children. Leiri and her husband Gustavo met in their parish youth group, "Agape," and have been serving together ever since! You can usually find them singing together at church events and retreats! Leiri works as the Coordinator of Outreach and Evangelization for St. Mary's Parish in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She also has a nursing background in both Geriatrics and Pediatrics. She has been a member of the Holy Family Institute for six years and enjoys Family Ministry. Her biggest accomplishment has been becoming a mother.  She enjoys being able to use social platforms to help other Catholic mothers connect and assist one another through the wonderful vocation of motherhood!

Sofía is a 23-year-old Colombian who has been in the service of God and the Church in a formal way since she was 17 years old, doing spiritual retreats, youth groups and pastoral work in her parish. She is currently on the verge of receiving her title as a Social Communicator and seeks to put her profession at the service of the Church — specifically in the creation of audiovisual and advertising content. This work helps with the evangelization and propagation of those stories of the Church that need to be told so that the world knows the goodness of God's love in the lives of believers. Sofía has also started her work as a missionary, going to places where the Lord calls her.

The fourth of six children, Gabriel was raised in a Catholic family in Framingham, Massachusetts. By the end of High School, it was clear to him that God was calling him to the priesthood, but the difficulty was accepting the vocation. Gabriel first tried to fulfill his dream of studying art, but for some reason, the question of the vocation would not leave him alone. He decided to stop running and went to the Domus Galilee in Israel for a time of discernment. This decision was pivotal because it was there that Gabriel was able to say yes to God’s call.  Gabriel has now completed his third year of seminary and has been ordained as a transitional deacon. He is currently serving at the Immaculate Conception Parish in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Juan and Sofia were born into Catholic families in Colombia, South America. They met on Juan’s Patron Saint Feast Day, Saint John Bosco, January 31st and recently got married on the 31st of July. Both have encountered Jesus in their lives and decided to follow him with great commitment.

Juan is a Political Scientist and also a great golfer. He works in the Wine and Spirits Industry.

Sofia is a commercial real estate lawyer and works at her family-owned business. They currently live in Cali, Colombia.

Juan and Sofia are increasingly passionate about the apostolic mission with the youth and young professionals. They are committed to showing the love of God and his mysteries through the beauty of the sacrament of marriage and friendship. Both have lived their conversion through different spiritualities within the Church, such as the charismatic renewal, parish groups (Emaus and Effeta), Mana (a self-founded apostolic group) and Opus Dei. This last one is currently where both congregate and receive all their spiritual formation and guidance. Although they have much to learn, they are eager to share their testimony with all the readers.