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Monica Lacouture

About Monica Lacouture

Monica Lacouture was born and raised in Colombia, South America.  She came to the United States in 1995 where she and her husband married and were blessed with three children -- Daniel, David and Christina (the inspiration behind Build the Faith).   Although Monica was raised a Catholic and attended parochial schools, she admits that throughout most of her adulthood she was a "lukewarm" Catholic.  Her faith took an unexpected turn in late 2012 when she attended a retreat and experienced a personal encounter with Jesus.  Little did she know, that three months later she would come to rely heavily on her newly strengthened faith as she dealt with her daughter, Christina's, terminal cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Throughout Christina's battle with cancer, Monica's faith grew and in 2016, inspired by Christina's strong faith and trust in Jesus, Monica, and Fernando founded Build the Faith.  As President of Build the Faith, Monica feels blessed to be able to continue her daughter's legacy of faith and hope.

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